Follk Services

Follk Studios is a multidisciplinary home to some of the most well-known animation projects in the MENA region.

Follk provides diverse services such as 2D Animation, 3D Animation production, Stopmotion, Illustrations, Editing, Motion graphics, Info graphics, Post production, Music composing, Sound design and Program packages.

Our Success Partners


Art is our game! We’re in pursuit of bringing new ideas, stories and experiences to life. We work closely around the clock with our clients and success partners to provide a comprehensive range of visual arts’ capabilities. Below are our areas of specialization.

Series and Specials

At follk, we’ve produced and delivered some of the most noteworthy series in the region whether as our own shows or coproductions. All the way from idea generation, concept development till production and delivery.


Animation can be used easily to capture the essence of your brand, hence, the use of animations in the adland. We’ve collaborated with our animation capabilities in a plethora of the most watched commercials in a myriad of sectors in the region.

Animated Content

As brands and organizations shift to animations as a key content creation tool to spread awareness in the most engaging manner ever, we’ve taken an active part in leading animated content projects in our region in an end-to-end methodology.

Animated Corporate Videos

At follk, not only we develop characters but we also tell stories of brands and corporates. In this service line, our network of artists develop a full range of capabilities including conceptual development, on-set supervision, 3D Animations, CGI, motion graphics and compositing.

Animation for Games

As the gaming industry becomes instrumental in the wider entertainment global business, we’ve developed a separate business unit to craft the most engaging animation projects for the top gaming brands. Our animations will give life to your games!

Animated Documentaries

With the renaissance of the visual arts industry, the animations industry has taken a guaranteed seat in developing cutting-edge and interactive documentaries. Let’s talk about your upcoming animated documentary!

Feature Film Production

We take your feature films seriously! In this service line we provide it on a three-tiered strategy ; pre-production tier that includes screenplay, storyboard, IPs and production tier that includes production design, organization, shooting and post-production tier that includes SFX, editing, sound and music production.