El Deek Fel Esha (Film Intro)

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Intro Sequence


Bird Eye

El Deek Fel Esha “The Rooster in the Nest” is the secend chapter of the Egyptian production film “Sima Ali Baba” , starring Ahmed Mekky and directed by Ahmed El Gendy, and the genre of the film: fantasy, comedy, fantasy, and it is considered the first fantasy film in Egypt. Screening of a movie about a movie (Ali Baba). Watch two movies:

The first chapter, “Hazalqum in Space,” in which the character Hazalqum returns once (appeared in the movie Retreat and Surrender), and its events take place on the planet “Revo” in space, where Hazalqum is kidnapped and a fictional procedure is performed on him.
The second film, “The Rooster in the Nest,” takes place on a farm in which Makki embodies a character who lives among the farm animals, protecting them from the wolves and hyenas that surround the farm and impose royalties on them.