Kafchat – Cartoon network

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TV series


Cartoon network mena

Following the great success of NANA ZANAN, “KAFCHAT” is the second collaboration between  Cartoon Network MENAT and Follk Creative Solutions. 

“KAFCHAT” is a jokes battle show, where the presenter, audience and contestants are all ..hands! This name of the show was inspired by its characters “hands” – which in the Arabic language means “KAF”. A totally unique and different experience that was produced in collaboration with the Saudi comedian artist Sahkir Al-Sharif. 

The show is 10 episodes, one minute each. Each episode presents two contestants who aim to beat each other through sarcastic puns/jokes. The winner is the one who stands still, fighting not to crack up laughing. In other words; you laugh, you lose!

you can watch all the episodes on cartoon netowrk website here

Creative writing
شاكر الشريف
بركات عسيري

Script Supervision
إسلام أحمد

إسلام أحمد

Art Director
تقى فؤاد

3D Backgrounds
أحمد علي
شريف السقا


Character Design
إسلام أحمد

Costumes And Props
أميرة زايد

Animation Director
أمجد عبد المحسن

Animation Supervisor
كريم مهيب

هناء كمال خليفة
رنا منير
علي هاني الجمال
أميرة زايد

مهند حسن
محمد أبو المعاطي
محمد موسى

Video Editing
محمد موسى

Music And Sound Design
مصطفى حلواني

Voice over
شاكر الشريف

sound Engineering
خالد عبدالرحمن
Red sand Production Studios

Line Producer
محمد موسى

Production Coordinator
دينا العزبي

Executive Assistant
آية سمير

Financial Management
وليد عماد
هيثم علي
أحمد حافظ

Legal Consultant
محمد نجم

Cartoon Network Team
آية حماد
محمد شيحة
عبد الرحمن عزام

Creative Concept Development
عبد الرحمن عزام

Head Of Production
مهند حسن

Directed By
إسلام أحمد