La Princesse

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LAP Coffee


Nefaish Animations

Follk Creative Solutions has been commissioned by Qatar-based Nefaish Animations to do a commercial for LAP Coffee’s La Princesse, a bakery that opened in 2015, offering delicious Parisian sweets, pastries, coffee and  much more.

Project Name: La Princesse
Genre: Commercials
Client: LAP Coffee
Animations Agency: Follk Creative Solutions
Managing Director: Mohanad Hassan
Chief Creative Officer: Islam Ahmed
Creative Director: Sherif Abbas
Concept Art: Mostafa Mahdy, Sherif Abbas
Storyboard: Karim Moheeb, Sherif Abbas
Layout : Mostafa Mahdy, Sherif Abbas
Backgrounds: Mostafa Mahdy,Basma Fahmy, Reham Salah
Animations Director: Amgad Abdelmohsen
Animations Team: Mayar Ahmed Taha, Ibram Raouf, Mohamed Gaber, Rana Mounir, Hanaa Kamal, Randa Gaber
Compositing : Nahla Mostafa, Karim Essam
Production: Mohanad Hassan,Mohammed Mousa