Mamlaket Eblees – Animation Scene

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Animation Scene


MBC Group - Shahid


TVision By Tarek El Ganainy

In episode 8 of Mamlaket Eblees all the characters eat bread mixed with drug so they all start hallucinating and the whole sequence transitions from live action to 2d animation in order to in emphasize these hallucinations.

Concept Development: Islam Ahmed
Layout/Animatic:sherif Abbas
Characters: Mostafa Mahdy – Paula Amin
Art Director: Mohammed Tawfik
Backgrounds: Mostafa Mahdy – Paula Amin – Paula Amin – Salma El Gamal – Basma Fahmy – Reham Salah
Animation Director: Amgad Abdel Mohsen
Animation: Mayar Ahmed Taha – Karim Moheeb – Rana Mounir – Randa Gaber – Hanaa Kamal – Ebram Raouf- Mohammed Gaber – Karim Essam
Compositing: Nahla Mostafa – Sherif Abbas
Production: Mohanad Hassan – Mohammed Mousa