Qatar Labor

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Awareness Videos


Qatari Ministry of Labor


Nefaish Animations

A series campaign done in collaboration with the Qatari ministry of labor that resulted in seven videos translated into different languages to raise awareness about labor rights, regulations and legal guidelines for the labor working in Qatar. This collaboration comes through our success partner Nefaish Animations. 

Project Name: Qatar Labor
Client: Qatari Ministry of Labor – Nefaish Animations
Genre: Awareness Videos
Animations Agency: Follk Creative Solutions
Managing Director: Mohanad Hassan
Chief Creative Officer: Islam Ahmed
Concept Development: Sherif Abbas
Art Director: Mohammed Tawfik
Backgrounds/Props: Mostafa Mahdy, Paula Amin, Salma El Gamal, Reham Salah, Basma Fahmy
Animations Director: Amgad Abdel Mohsen
Animations Team: Mayar Ahmed Taha, Karim Moheeb, Ibram Raouf, Mohamed Gaber ,Hanaa Kamal, Rana Mounir, Karim Essam
Compositing: Nahla Mostafa, Karim Essam, Mohammed Mousa
Production Coordinators: Mohammed Mousa, Passant Herky
Production Manager: Mohanad Hassan