Safe Internet

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Awareness Videos


Nefaish Animations


Nefaish Animations

Kids cyber safety should be of crucial importance to everyone. Follk Creative Solutions collaborated with Qatar-based agency Nefaish Animations on an awareness video campaign. The story revolves around Saif, a kid who is an avid internet user. He tries to warn young kinds like himself of the potential dangers and give them some advice to keep them safe while using the internet.

Project Name: Safe Internet
Client: Nefaish Animations
Genre: Awareness Videos
Animations Agency: Follk Creative Solutions
Managing Director: Mohanad Hassan
Chief Creative Officer: Islam Ahmed
Storyboard/Layout: Sherif Abbas
Animations Team: Rana Mounir, Randa Gaber, Hanaa Kamal, Ebram Raouf
Compositing : Nahla Mostafa,Karim Essam
Production: Mohanad Hassan, Mohammed Mousa